Laser Maze Devlog – Entry 3

I just sent my third beta build on Testflight, and as the upload was going on, I reopened the previous build, that was already one month old, to check the progress between the two versions. It turns out that they are almost the same, all the work I did in the past month make almost no Visible difference in the game.

The only thing that you can spot easily is the laser effect done with the shader. It make the game looks much nicer, but in terms of gameplay, there is nothing new since last month.

I have to say this is a bit disappointing with that, but to be honest, this was not my most productive month, I’ve been away from work a lot.

Still there is some invisible change, there is a bit of polishing done, the Windows version is working, the Windows Phone version is almost working. And I learned how to write a custom GL program and make it work with cocos2d.

Right now I have only 10 task left for Version1 in my TODO list, but this is probably going to go up and down again.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.02.55 pm

 Unfortunately I missed the deadline for the « Unleash the Power of Cocos and Windows » contest, but at least I got my Windows developer account, and this gave me some (much needed) motivation to work on the Windows version.

I’m still not going to give a release date, because I figured out that everything is always taking much longer than what I plan in the first place, but the development is still going on, and most of the testers like the game so far 😉

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