Yearly news

After more than a year, here are some news for the blog 🙂

I’ve been spending most of 2014 in Melbourne (Australia). I’ve been there on a Working Holiday Visa, which is a visa that let you come to Australia for one year, and let you work as long as you don’t stay more than six month in the same company.



During this year I’ve been working for two different companies : Good Game Productions and Blackmagic Design.

At Good Game Production, I was a game developer, I’ve writting a system to build game scene from a json file (the file itself was built in a drag & drop editor). I also made a game in my last week to put this system in use (Underwater ABCs), and I worked on an other project that is still to be announced.

At Blackmagic design I was an « Infrastructure Engineer », this is a fancy name to say « Build guy ». I was in charge of the build system, the goal was to be able to build projects in one click. The system would check out the project code from its git repo, build it on MacOS, Windows 7/8 & Linux, create .iso . zip .dmg, and send everything back on a server for storage. The company is great, they are making great products, they have really good developers, there is a great atmosphere there. The plan for me was to get a sponsored visa from them, but unfortunately, I really really didn’t like the job (build system are boring, and this one was terrible). So after three months, I gave my resignation notice and got back at Good Game Productions.

In December, I bought a car and passed my driving license. I left my job at Good Game Production for the second time just before Christmas, and on the 27th of December, I left my house sharing in Melbourne with my girlfriend to start a Road Trip along Australia’s east coast !



We lived in the car for the next 6 weeks, driving more than 14000km on Australian roads.

We started the trip with the Great Ocean Road, from Melbourne to Adelaide, then we crossed the outback to Sydney, we drove up the coast through Brisbane all the way up to Cairns. We got back on our tracks a bit above Cairns, and took the path down to Melbourne as my family was coming to visit me. We stopped in Brisbane again, and then spent three days on a boat in the Whitsundays Islands. Sydney again, then Canberra, and finally back in Melbourne via the Coastal Drive.

Road Map

Melbourne > Adelaide > Sydney > Brisbane > Cairns > Brisbane > Airlie Beach > Gold Coast > Sydney > Canberra > Melbourne



Back in Melbourne my family was there for three weeks. When got back home, my girlfriend and me flew to New Zealand. Again we got a car and lived on the road. We crossed the country from north to south, with an indispensable stop at Hobbiton 🙂

New Zealand is an beautiful country, I hope I’ll get back there for a longer time at some point  (they also do the working holiday visa).



Last stop before going home was Bali, where we stayed for a week, mostly chilling at the hotel. I discovered once there that I couldn’t properly drive a motorcycle, so we didn’t moved to much around the island, but this was still a really nice experience.

I’m now back in France, looking for a job, and working on a game as a personal project. If the game does well once released, I may even start my own studio 🙂

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